“My experience at SRQ Performance with Matt Eshelman was exactly what I was looking for. From day 1 Matt was able to tailor my program to exactly what my needs and goals were as a professional baseball player. With Matt’s documentation I was able to see the changes in my body and strength from session to session, and week to week which was very important to me to make sure we were moving in the right direction to help me achieve my goals. Over the course of the off-season I have gained a significant amount of strength, balance, and flexibility which has immediately translated to my game on the baseball diamond. I could tell you much more but it boils down to Matt knows what he’s talking about and understands a variety of different ways to better help you realize your potential! So take my word for it and give him a chance to change your life like he did for me!”

Scooter Gennett, 2B, Cincinnati Reds


“Whatever you need done, whether you want to get quicker, stronger, faster, more explosive, or simply just want to stay fit SRQ Performance is the place to go. I wanted my vertical leap to go up and with one summer of hard work with Matt that was all it took. My vertical went up 7 inches! If you put in the work, you’ll see the results because with Matt, you’re doing the correct work. Some athletes put in a lot of effort, but see very minimal results, that’s because with Matt, you’re doing the correct work. So it’s full proof, if you put in the work, you will see the results. Another thing that is great about SRQ Performance is the injury prevention. You’ll learn very quickly with Matt that not every exercise is going to be extremely strenuous on your body. However, they’re all important because every exercise is not only going to help you meet your goals, but they will also allow you to continue pushing to meet your goals because they are safe and help prevent injuries.  I recommend SRQ Performance to anyone that wants to meet or succeed their goals in sports/fitness. A very big part of the reason I am playing basketball at the University of Louisville is due to Matt and the work I did with the SRQ Performance Training.”

Ryan McMahon, University of Louisville


“All I can say is, if you want to go beyond your previous goals and reach limits that you didn’t know were there, Matt is your guy. With the TRX, weight-lifting, and his will power, there is no doubt that your body will transform. I have become so much stronger mentally and physically, and my performance lately has shown it. He doesn’t take no for an answer and in the long run you will thank him for it.”

Shawna Sims, 2011 Youth Lightweight 4+ National Champion


“I first started training with Matt when I was a sophomore in high school. I wasn’t getting a ton of minuets on my high school basketball team and wasn’t the strongest kid. I have worked with him for three years and now I am a varsity college athlete. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and work with Matt! He really knows his stuff and even worked with me when I was injured. 10/10 would recommend to any and all athletes and parents who want to get in shape.”

Nate Patrick, Lawrence University


I would highly recommend Matt Eshelman as a personal trainer who is uniquely specialized in training a wide range of people of varying ages and abilities.  Specifically I signed up for golf-specific training and stretching program.  Being flexible hasn’t been my strength; and even though, I am a low handicap golfer, I was looking deeper to reach my potential as a golfer.  This program Matt has written up for me, I integrate daily into my routine.  I have found my flexibility has improved and this has helped not only gaining more distance, but reinforcing confidence in my game from being so flexible.  Thank you, Matt.

Jim, age 53


I have watched my daughter go from a slightly active girl to an extremely strong active girl.  Jordan has participated in Crew for 3 years.  Last year, was her first on the varsity team.  She had to learn to become more aggressive and stronger. After hearing about Matt from Snap Fitness, I decided to sign Jordan up for some training specifically designed for the rower.  In the last 9 weeks, Jordan has exploded in her fitness abilities as well as her strength.  Not only, has Matt’s workouts changed her body but her mind as well.  She now knows how important fitness and nutrition are to the sport of rowing and her life.  Jordan is excited about the upcoming year at Crew due to her strength and conditioning over the summer.  She is looking forward to having Matt as her coach at Sarasota Crew so as to keep her training up.

As a parent, after watching and listening to Matt, I am currently training with him as well.  I would highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer.  His education, experience, and constant training make him a great coach and/or trainer.

Barb Bornstein



“I highly recommend Matt Eshelman to anyone who needs help recovering and reconditioning from an injury or suffers from lower back problems.  I have been working out since I was 40 and last year as I turned 64 I made a wrong move in the gym which caused me a lower back injury.

I went to physical therapy for a few months. After therapy I started to work out again but lacked the strength and stamina that I had prior to the injury. This is where Matt came to my rescue. His knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and his practical experience in the gym made it easy for him to develop a dynamic warm up program to begin my exercise sessions and a stretching routing for the end with the goal of slowly bring me back to full recovery. Matt showed me all the areas that needed work and how to properly strengthen them. He helped me develop achievable goals and designed for me workout programs to recover my strength and I must say that as of today I feel recovered and even stronger than before my injury!”

Jaime Perez


“My teenage daughter worked with Matt over the summer to take her rowing experience to the next level. His commitment and knowledge were exceptional. He focused on the entire athlete, not just the nuts and bolts of strengthening exercises. The results far exceeded our expectations.”

Jan Pitchford


“Matt truly has the best and most effective workouts I have ever participated in. As an athlete, especially a rower, I have been pushed before, but I have never seen better results than with Matt. I trained with him for a few weeks over winter break so I could get an advantage for the spring season, and because of those days he has helped me reach a level that I had thought was literally impossible. His workouts are diverse, so it’s not the typical boring squat or push up. Not only is Matt the best option for training athletes but his workouts can also be for people who just want to feel in shape. But Matt’s best quality is that he learns your personal limits, and pushes them further every day.”

Allie Armengol


“Matt trained our 12 year old daughter and 14 year old son, focusing on speed and agility.  Both the children are soccer players and were interested in increasing their quickness to the ball  as well as their ability to maintain speed throughout a game.  Matt was able to relate to both of them extremely well and they looked forward to their training sessions with him.  Both of the children saw increased play time this year, starting on the various teams that they played on at school and in competitive clubs, and we know Matt helped them get to their higher levels of play.”

Susan and Jeff Kral