Sport Performance

At SRQ Performance we utilize the latest research to help you realize your potential quickly, and most importantly, safely. Each SRQ Performance client will be subjected to a thorough fitness assessment, or “Needs Analysis” to identify individual weaknesses and strengths. The needs analysis is a two part process processes which includes:

1.  Sport Analysis

    1. Physiological Analysis: Strength, power, and muscular endurance properties for your individual sport.
    2. Injury Analysis: Common sites for joint and muscular injury and their causative factors.
    3. Movement Analysis: Body and limb movement patterns and muscular involvement for your particular sport.

2. Individual Analysis

    1. Training & Injury Status: Evaluation of your current training status (training background or exercise history), exercise technique experience, and current injury status.
    2. Physical Testing & Evaluation: Testing includes, but is not limited to:
      • – Muscular Strength, Power, and Endurance
      • – Functional Movement Screening: Postural alignment screening process used to assess muscular and joint balance and stability. Data from this test can be used to find discrepancies in left vs. right, front vs. back side of the body. A properly aligned body will reduce joint pain, injury risk, and increase performance and quality of life.
      • – Body Composition: Body fat percentage (fat mass vs. fat-free mass)
      • – Speed and Agility
      • – Aerobic Endurance
      • – Anaerobic Power and Endurance
      • – Flexibility and Mobility

SRQ Performance utilizes the results of the needs analysis and your individual goals as baseline data to design a program specifically for YOU. Individually designed program will help you achieve your fitness goals FASTER and SAFER. Get your head out of your favorite fitness magazine and start training with SRQ Performance today. Let us help you Realize your Potential.



  • -Funtional Movement and Postural Analysis
  • -Olympic Weightlifting
  • -Strength and Power Lifting
  • -Speed and Agility
  • -Mobility
  • -Flexibility
  • -Injury Prevention
  • -Metabolic Conditioning
  • -Body Composition
  • VIDEO ANALYSIS: Instant HD video playback to correct errors in technique of power lifts, running form, speed/agility, and sport specific drills



Private Training

Single Session: $85

12 Session Package: $80/session = $960 total 

24 Session Package: $75/session = $1,800 total 

36 Session Package: $70/session = $2,520 total 


Semi-Private Training (2-4 people small groups)

Single Session: $50

12 Session Package: $45/session = $540 total

24 Session Package: $40/session = $960 total

36 Session Package: $35/session = $1,260 total


Team Training

Team strength and conditioning and speed and agility clinics are also available. Please contact for pricing and availability.